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Hi, I'm


Dr. Mike Hernandez

Cozumel Dallas Tucson

Chemical physics geek by training, IT guru turned InfoSec specialist by trade, and serial entrepreneur by birth.


Facts About Me

  • I’ve lived all over the USA and anywhere I have not lived, I’ve worked or had client interactions. Where I call home today I do so because my husband is there.

  • Devoted husband of Manny Hernandez

  • Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of CynergisTek

  • PhD chemical physicist

  • Skydiving instructor with over 10,000 jumps and FAA licensed master parachute rigger

  • NAUI SCUBA instructor

  • Nikon photographer of 30+ years

  • Amateur celebrity chef and BBQ guru

  • Nice (enough) guy

  • Llollygagger extraordinaire; lover of good food, good (adult) beverages, and good friends

Contact me

Want to reach out to me?  Feel free to contact me here.